Wedding Cinematography





Highlight Reels

Some people call us videographers but we like to use the term cinematographers. Why? Because we turn your wedding day into a movie! Share your big day with all your friends and family by sending them a Cinematic Highlight Reel. It encompasses the most memorable parts of your day set to inspiring music. Let your day be remembered the right way.

Video Coverage

We are storytellers. We use our cameras to illustrate and our microphones to narrate. So it is very important that we capture everything. That is why our packages come with two cinematographers. While one is capturing the details of your wedding dress. The other is filming the memories you will share with your loved ones before and after your ceremony.

Full Edits

Not all of the footage we take will make the cut and be in your Highlight Reel. For that reason we also create three additional videos for you. A full video of your ceremony, all of your toasts, and your special dances. You can then relive every second of these special moments over and over again.

Special Delivery

Out with the old, in with the new. No more DVDs or Blurays, we live in the digital age. When your videos are finished we email them to you on a convenient digital menu. The menu allows you to play download and share your videos. We take the time to deliver the best product out there.

Our Style

One compliment we hear all the time is, "I barely noticed you guys were there!" Yes, we are there, obviously, but we are not a distraction. We make sure to work as a team with your contracted photographer so they get their shots and we get ours! That's how we roll.

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